mytoddlr is designed to keep you connected to your child’s development and safety despite your busy schedule so you’ll never miss a milestone.

Updated: Mytoddlr is now available in the UK.

Sending your child to pre-school or creche is a big step for parent and child, but mytoddlr makes it easier by keeping you updated with your chid’s safety as well as their communication and development milestones.
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The mytoddlr app gives you all the information that parents need to know about their child with analytics, daily reports and multimedia feed. Parents can nominate or invite their child’s school to work with mytoddlr and keep the app, and the parents, updated throughout the day. Each day you could receive real-time feeds and information about your child’s activity throughout the day and view the multimedia feeds to see pictures and videos of their activity.

Once the information has been collected, you can access insights and reports that tell you everything from their eating schedule and whether they had a nap, to the time spent on potty breaks vs playtime. This feature also tracks any change and achievements, for example, a new feeding schedule, and automatically alerts you.

The ‘reminders’ feature is designed to make parenting a little bit more simple by letting you set reminders for any medicine, important appointments or play dates. And the security functions let you enrol authorised adults to pick your child up from school and will alert you when they have safely arrived home.

All your data is completely secure but you can chose to grant temporary or permanent access to family members and friends to share your toddler’s achievements and steps.

This new approach to parenting helps you establish a routine with your child by strengthening your understanding of their needs and schedules so the transition from school to home can run more smoothly.

The app is now available in the UK for £10 a month. You can check mytoddlr out and sign up to invite your child’s school here and mytoddlr will contact and verify the school and get back to you as quickly as possible.