It will also teach you tech while you get a manicure.

A California-based Kickstarter called Nailbot is on a mission to put emojis and tech skills at your fingertips in one. Literally. It’s a smartphone-connected nail studio that lets you code, design and print emoji art and photos onto your nails in a matter of seconds. And from the attention it has gathered on Kickstarter, something tells us it’s not just teenagers who are jumping on the idea.

Nailbot actually looks a lot like the type of nail-setting device you’d get in a nail salon, except it’s got a slot for your phone, and it’s way, way smarter. Put your phone in place, place a finger carefully underneath, and Nailbot will print practically any design you like straight onto your nail. Even if you’re not into nail art, you have to admit that’s insanely cool.

Nailbot emoji nail artNailbot’s makers recommend pre-coating your nails with white nail varnish to create a nice contrasting background four your design, but you can opt for pastels and other shades if you like. Whatever colour you choose, the Nailbot app will use its augmented reality tech to find the edges of your nail in real time, peeping through your smartphone’s camera lens to make sure the design gets transferred onto the right part of the nail.

The Nailbot app is preloaded with tons of designs to choose from, but you can design your own or upload your own photos if you like. There’s no function yet for designing straight into the Nailbot app, but it will pull designs straight from apps like Google Drive, Adobe Creative Creative Cloud, Instagram or even your Camera Roll, so that isn’t so much of a problem.

nailbot-app-uploadWhat’s great about Nailbot is that it’s not just designed to make nails look nice – although it does pull that off pretty well. It’s created entirely by women who are crazy about tech, and they’re currently finalising ways for Nailbot users to actually learn how to code their own nail art with the app. That’s right. Coding nail art.

The all-girl team have also promised to pledge 3% of their Kickstarter proceeds to educate boys and girls about the development of Nailbot and the tech behind the devices. A grassroots partnership with the nonprofit MakerGirl will also give bacjers a change to beta test Nailbots on their Summer 2017 MakerGirl Goes Mobile bus tour, where they will also learn ho 3D printing helped shape the Nailbot prototype.

If you want to get a load of Nailbot, you can pledge your support over on Kickstarter right now to bag one of the early bird bundles. US-based Nailbot fans can grab the smart nail salon for $189 (around £148), with shipping set for November this year. The rest of the world will have to wait a little longer, with shipping elsewhere set for January 2018. The non-US price tag is also a little steeper at $199 (around £156).