Neos’s new UK home insurance policy comes with smart home tech and offers 24/7 home monitoring

Neos, a new start-up, is launching a policy which will be the first in the UK to combine home insurance, with the latest smart technology.

The new policy is designed to reduce the need for a claim, by providing smart tech to alert policy holders to problems, before they get worse.

Buyers of the new policy initially get a security camera/motion sensor, three leak detectors, two smoke alarms and two door/window detectors, although other tech will be offered in time. That’s to help protect against burglary, fire and water leaks – the three areas which Neos says drive most insurance claims.

Neos will alert users via the Neos app in the event of a problem, enabling them to take speedy action, while building and contents insurance is there for the stuff the tech can’t cover, if things do go badly wrong. “The package includes round-the-clock monitoring from the Neos emergency assistance team,” says Neos, “who can call homeowners to warn them if something is amiss – or even directly book a tradesman to rectify the problem.”

Neos Chief Technology Officer Krystian Zajac said, “We can now deliver functionality that previously would have cost tens thousands of pounds for a mere fraction of that sum – it’s a very exciting time for us.”

Smart home insurance is new to the UK although some providers in the US and Europe have begun offering discounts and smart tech bundles for smart home owners.

Neos is now looking for people to join in an exclusive pilot and Live-Smart has secured priority access for our readers.  Sign up at Neos’s site using the code QJUMP500 or simply click the link below.

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