Your keychains have just become obsolete

It’s a question many of us face, but the answer continues to elude us – just where exactly are the keys? Losing your keys or fumbling around in your pockets for them is just one of many annoying problems we face on a daily basis. Though luckily for us, Kwikset has decided to solve this conundrum with a seemingly simple solution – remove keys from the equation altogether.

Kwikset have just released a prototype unveiling a smart door lock that has no key in sight. Instead, it uses only a touchpad, with a Z-wave connection to allow smart home hubs to connect to it, and theoretically, allow it to be unlocked from your phone. You could even program other events with your smart hub upon opening the door, like the lights turning on or even music playing.

Other than that, there are very few details on the new lock, with no idea of price or launch date. Really, we don’t even have a name for it.

But while a key-free existence sounds stress-free, the lack of a manual lock bears the question: what exactly happens when the power goes out, or the lock breaks? Kwikset’s smart lock relies on four AA batteries, which indicates when the lock’s batteries are running low. So, you should be fine as long as you change the batteries in time.