Never lose you keys, wallet, remote control or even your beloved pet with Wistiki trackers.

Updated: Wistiki’s just confirmed it’s coming to the UK at the start of May, with pre-orders currently available on Crowdfunder for £25 each.

Whether it’s turning your room upside down or frantically reaching behind sofa cushions, we are all familiar with the frantic search for keys while you’re rushing out the door. Phillipe Starck, the designers of this crowdfunded project, have discovered that we spend a frightening 90 minutes per month looking for things around the home.

Those are precious minutes completely wasted on a futile search so it’s time to invest in a solution. One option are these tiny trackers that fit on any keyring, on any pet collar, and in every pocket to save you time and frustration.

All you have to do is unpack the Wistiki, download the free app, turn on Bluetooth and GPS on your phone, pair the device with your app and you’re good to go. You can control unlimited devices using the app, which works with Android and iOS.

There are three different modes to adapt to your lifestyle: aha! is designed to fit on your pet’s collar, hola! is the credit card-sized version that easily fits into wallets, and voila! goes on to keys and any gadgets you typically lose.

Activating these modes means you can find your possessions by setting a ringtone, using the hot to cold radar to gauge its proximity, and use the GPS locator to track it down more quickly. Or use the ‘virtual leash’ which means you will be alerted if the item or animal is moving further away from you. This is a handy way to find things easily and be aware if you’re pet has escaped or your possessions have been stolen. You can also use the ‘reverse ringtone’ by pressing the Wistiki to help locate your smartphone.

Each tracker is waterproof, lasts up to 3 years on a single battery and is built to survive any drops or knocks. The project is currently fundraising over on Crowdfunder and you can catch any deals or pledge your support here.