Skiplino is an app for your phone that gives you exclusive inside info to help you beat the queues.


Standing in a long, slow-moving queue in your precious spare time is possibly the most soul-destroying activity you could ever imagine. But this forward-thinking app, Skiplino, has got a genius solution.

Thanks to its partnership with a growing list of private and public sector organisations, Skiplino is able to give desperate queue avoiders the information they need to cheat the queueing system.

For both Android and iOS users worldwide, Skiplino can contact your organisation at the tap of your finger to see if there’s a queue, tell you how long you can expect to be waiting before your turn, and even let you queue remotely prior to your arrival.

You can also contact organisations direct from the app to tell them if you’re going to be late, and leave feedback after your visit to give them chance to improve their queueing system before your next visit.

The places you can use Skiplino really depend on your location, but common services already hooked up to the Skiplino include banks, repair garages, and various public sector organisations. We’re crossing our fingers for arenas, airports, and post offices to be high up on Skiplino’s future agenda.

You can download the time-saving app here.