UK consumers now have another smart thermostat option to consider


Geo has announced the latest release of its Cosy smart thermostat in the UK. The Cosy 3 now offers the ability to work with a twin zone heating system.

Two Cosy 3’s can be paired with the second working as the thermostat for the additional zone. Cosy also says that it, “offers hot water control which is suitable for homes that have a hot water tank. The installation of a hot water extension pack will allow users to switch their hot water on and off from their Cosy display or mobile app in the same way as their heating.”

The Cosy is available from the Geo webstore, with prices starting at £180 for the single zone version without pro installation, and £250 with installation.

We spoke to Simon Anderson, Geo’s strategy director, to find out more about Geo and smart energy. Read on here.

The Cosy is available from the Geo webstore, with prices starting at £250 with installation, or can be purchased standalone from Amazon.