LG's new G5 smartphone has arrived, and its got some fun company.

LG has showcased its latest smartphone the G5, and aside from being an all-metal, tri-camera whippersnapper, it comes with a posse of modular gadgets and accessories that put some tantalising extra functions in the palm of your hand.

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The modular gadgets, which LG has fondly christened the G5’s ‘Friends’, will be available to buy separately alongside the phone, lending it all sorts of cool tricks that a regular smartphone could only ever dream of.

First up is the LG Cam Plus. It’s an enlarged camera grip that plugs directly into the base of the phone, with a small key on the side to pop open its lower section. Once in place, it’ll make snapping one-handed shots on the phone a dream, with a physical shutter button, dedicated video recording key, and a jog dial for operating the G5’s camera zoom.

Not content with just jollying up photo time, the LG Cam Plus also prolongs the phone’s battery life up to 8 hours.

Friend number 2 is the LG Hi-Fi Plus. It snaps aboard the G5 in the same way as the Cam Plus, and packs a 32-bit DAC and amplifier combo unit tuned by none other than audio wizard Bang & Olufsen. Put simply, this little fella is going to make G5’s audio sound good. Like, stupidly good.

It’ll process and upsample content from any app making a noise on the G5, including the likes of YouTube and Vine, as well as Spotify, Deezer, and so on. It also comes with a pair of H3 B&O headphones to make the most of the supreme audio quality.

The rest of LG’s friends include a 360˚ VR headset, a 360 camera, and a sleek stereo headset. The whole gang connect to the G5 seamlessly via the LG Friends Manager app. Read more about them here.