Philip's upgraded its Hue app with a new design and features - now called Philips Hue 2

Philips Hue user? Then you’ll want to download its update Hue 2 app pronto. That’s partly because it’s had a design update, but mainly because it’s easier to use.

Lights can now easily be grouped into rooms, making them easier to control and manage all at once. And ‘routines’ can be created that automate lights to change colours and adjust brightness throughout the day, so for example you could set the lights to alter subtly as day progresses and lighting levels change.

There’s also a new ‘home and away’ feature that turns your lights on and off  at preset times, to coincide with a commute. In addition, it’s also easier to create and switch between new scenes.

The app is available now on iOS and Android so get updating.

Via The Verge