Effortlessly cool portable lights for any time, any place.

If you’re particular about getting the lighting in your home just right, these stylish little Roxanne Fly wireless lamps will appeal to your obsessive side.

With a 270 rotating rod and a magnetic base, Roxanne Fly lamps can be clipped, snapped and popped onto practically any surface in your house for an instant LED light glow, and their rechargeable cells makes them completely portable.

No crawling about with extension cables or leaning your lamp in awkward places – these versatile rays of sunshine can follow you anywhere.

Nimbus Roxanne FlyThey’re made from polycarbonate, which directs light while reducing glare, making them a much friendlier option than your standard desk lamp/ball of blinding fire.

The other stroke of genius with Roxanne Fly is that they are controlled not using an off and on switch, but with hand gestures. A quick flick of the wrist is all it takes to dim and toggle their light source. You don’t even have to touch them; a wave is all it takes to make them do your bidding.

Roxanne Fly are powered by a rechargeable cell that should give you between 4 and 20 hours of continuous glow depending on their brightness setting.To juice them up, just pop in a micro USB charging cable the same as you use to charge your phone.

Nimbus Roxanne Fly lifestyleThe only tiny downside is that they aren’t waterproof. You can stick use them outside – just keep an eye out for rainclouds. Aside from that, you can pretty much use scatter them about the house wherever you need some light.

Pop one on the fridge and see your recipes better, use them as book ends for your dark library, or simply place them on any table, shelf or surface that could use a hit of colour and light. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

You can grab them in white, black, red blue or yellow here. Slight caveat – they’re not the cheapest little lumieres; a single Roxanne Fly lamp is €299 (around £250).