It's time to hide from the world inside your very own zone of calm.

Do you sometimes wish the world around you had an off button? Well, we haven’t quite reached Bernard’s Watch level yet, but Muzo is possibly the closest you’re going to get.

A noise-cancelling gadget currently reeling in backers on Kickstarter, Muzo reckons it can drown out the noise and hubbub of your busy, stressful environment using vibrations and soundscapes. Effectively, it’s a personal zone of silence calm that you can carry with you anywhere.

Muzo onWhen you place it on a nearby and tap it gently to switch it on, Muzo instantly sets to work blocking out the racket that’s driving you ballistic. Using its neo-magnetic system, itd simultaneously generates realistic soundscapes while sending even vibrations towards the surface its attached to.

It doesn’t completely mute the distractions, but it should be effective enough to make the shrill cackle of Tracy from two desks away pale into insignificance. Aaaand…breathe.

The lovely thing about Muzo is that it’s portable and versatile enough to create silence pretty much everywhere you take it. You can stick it and reattach it to any surface – be it your bedside cabinet, desk at work or even your restaurant table to turn on your personal quiet bubble.

MuzoThere are also some preset modes to optimise it for different types of noise pollution, which you can toggle in Muzo’s phone app. There’s a Sleep mode that lets you create scenes and choose your preferred sound field level, Serenity mode for general noise-blocking needs, and Secret mode, which will work in reverse to mask your private conversations in public.

Muzo is just a few days away from wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign, and it has quadrupled its funding goal with support from nearly 2,500 silence-hungry backers. There’s still time to snap up an early bird discounted Muzo, though. The cheapest package currently sits at £159 (around £123). A release date is set for March 2017.