There's no need to buy gadgets and gizmos galore with this multi-talented Notion sensor.

If you’re only just dipping your toes into the vast waters of the smart home market, you might be feeling daunted by the sheer volume of gadgets, hubs, sensors and thingamabobs available to buy. For a simple, quick fix that will equip your home with multiple tricks within a single gadget, just grab this nifty little Notion sensor.

Notion may be small, but it’s packing enough tricks to turn your home into a living, breathing smart home in seconds. With sensors for motion, temperature, water, light, angle, sound and more, Notion can tell you if a window gets broken, the front door opens, a pipe leaks, or even if your wine cellar isn’t cool enough.

Notion SensorWherever you choose to stick Notion, it will send status changes, notifications and all kinds of handy information to an app on your phone, giving you complete coverage of the most vulnerable spots that you’ve always been wanting to keep an extra eye on.

It can even detect an alarm sound, and ping you with a notification if it hears your smoke or carbon monoxide sensor go off. If you pop it on the cookie jar, you can get word if pesky little hands try and dig in for forbidden treats. Because it’s water and UV resistant, Notion can even live on the garage door and tell you if it doesn’t shut properly.

Notion garage doorThe brilliant part for smart home newbies is that Notion is really easy to install in just a few minutes. Simply plug in its bridge (a small router-like hub Notion needs in order to talk to your phone), place Notion wherever you need it to be, connect to the WiFi, and enjoy your new IoT home.

If you’re up for some added smart home trickery, you can also use Notion with IFTTT – an app that lets you create smart home ‘recipes’ and schedules among various compatible devices. Notion can also get friendly with your Nest and Yonomi products. It runs on a coin cell battery that should let it run for around a year and a half.

You can pre-order one or more Notion sensors from the Notion online store. A single sensor and bridge is $129 (£88), with prices ranging up to $269 (£182) for 5 sensors and a bridge. Additional sensors cost $49 (£33) each.