Connect your Tesco online account to IFTTT and help automate your shopping


We’re big fans of IFTTT here at Live-Smart. IFTTT is the simple service you can use to get incompatible gadgets to talk to each other. We usually talk about it in the context of the smart home but it’s not limited to that. It can connect all sorts of web services from email to Facebook.

Now Tesco have figured out a way for you to use IFTTT to help automate parts of the weekly shop. The boffins at Tesco Labs (yes that was a surprise to us as well) have announced that anyone with a Tesco online account can now connect it to your email to, say, alert you when the price of something has hit a certain level, but there’s a few other recipes over at their new IFTTT channel.

Tesco says, “to get started you just need to have an IFTTT account and add the Tesco channel. When you set it up you’ll have to sign in to your Tesco Groceries account to prove who you are but then you should be away.”

Let us know if you try it.

Via Engadget