If most virtual reality sets strain your eyes, Nunulo might be the one you're looking for.

Virtual reality is on the rise, with headsets flowing out of tech start-ups and established companies alike. But like anything that focuses too much on giving your eyes a workout, they can give more pain than pleasure. The Nunulo VR device aims to correct this flaw, by the simple method of adjustable lenses.

Created by NOONBiT Inc., Nunulo was designed by optometrist James Kim, in an attempt to combat the issues he experienced when using most VR headsets. Finding himself suffering headaches and nausea, he decided to ‘find a productive solution for this problem by tackling it from an optometry perspective.’

Nunulo features a cardboard frame, and a pair of individually adjustable lenses. By rotating each each lens in turn, users can find the setting that is most comfortable for them, and enjoy VR games without the headaches or eye strain that other headsets can cause.

The set is compatible with any smart phone that has a screen size of between four and six inches, and any standard virtual reality content. The three layer lenses allow users to pin point their exact level of comfort, regardless of their eyesight. In addition to its adjustable lenses, there are plans to increase Nunulo’s features in the future.

The Kickstarter campaign for Nunulo has reached its goal with weeks to spare, so if you’re keen to pre-order, head there and make your pledge – for an estimated ship date of November this year.

Now, if NOONBiT Inc. are wondering what to do with themselves now, we’d like to put in a request for adjustable 3D glasses next.