Struggle to tear your eyes away from that phone screen? Give your peepers a break and get hands-on with this cool O6 controller.

Update: After 1,251 backers raised a whopping $160,032 the O6 is now up for pre-order on their site.


The tiny O6 device is being billed as a single button that connects you to your most important apps – but given that we run pretty much out entire lives through our phones, we’re going to be bold and go with the line that the O6 is actually a button for your life.

A tiny bright rotary dial that doubles as a tactile button, the O6 puts you in direct control of your messages, calls, music, apps and more in a few simple voice  commands, taps and twists. Get a message while you’re driving? With O6 clipped to your steering wheel, tap to hear your message dictated out loud, and then gently spin the dial to scroll through some pre-set messages that O6 creates based on your most likely response, and tap to send.

If that message you received included information about the destination you’re driving to, you can even tell O6 to alter the set destination on your sat-nav. You’ve just received and replied to a message, and set your sat nav, without taking your eyes away from the road. Clever, eh?

O6 is also a great way to keep up with that social media feed when you keep your eyes free – like when you’re walking along a busy pavement or crossing a road. Just tap to hear the latest tweets or Facebook posts while you’re walking through a busy crowd to avoid awkward collisions with your pavement brethren. You can also fire up a playlist from apps like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora using the same tappy-swipey trickery.

Although O6 was primarily designed to address the risks associated with distracted driving and commuting, the fun doesn’t stop when you get home. O6 can transform into a handy remote mode to let you control your favourite home automation devices, apps, and even the likes of Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube.

The tiny bit of sad news is that O6 is currently only compatible with iPhone and iPads. O6’s makers, Fingertips Lab, say they’ve got a prototype up and running with Android, but there’s no fixed date for when it will be available. You can sign up here to get updates about an Android release. Or, if you’re an iPerson, you can jump in line for an early bird deal on O6’s Kickstarter campaign. Prices start at $89 (£60), and a release date is set for February 2017 if the campaign secures enough backing.