Spot all the octopods you want.

Whether you want to relive your greatest dives, or simply show off about them to your friends, the ability to record them is one of the best methods. The Octospot dive camera was designed specifically to fulfil this need – without requiring any further equipment.

Designed to tie in with your other diving gear, both aesthetically and practically, the Octospot is made from anodized aluminium and polycarbonate – making it a tough as nails diving companion. It features a simple, two-button mechanism, designed to be used while wearing gloves.


The camera measures how deep you are, and adjusts the colour levels and white balance accordingly – ensuring you get the best looking photos and video, without having to spend time messing with complicated settings. It allows you to film in quick, shareable bursts, so once you get to the surface, there’s no need to sift through hours of footage.

It syncs up with the Octospot app, so as soon as you’re back on the surface, you can review your shots, and share the best ones – and you can include the dive data in the shot, so everyone knows just how deep you had to go to see that one great anemone.

With the shape of a small torch, the Octospot is no trouble to hold – but it also clips onto the side of your googles, if you need to go hands free.


You can even film yourself, with the 3rd Person Viewing attachment, which keeps the camera floating above and behind you. You can study your techniques to help improve them, or simply marvel at how cool you look.

Originally funded via Kickstarter, the Octospot is now available for pre-order, and should be ready to ship in January.