Forget the arm band… It’s all about the smart sleeve

Wearables are great, but like with any smart tech, they aren’t perfect. They measure this, that and the other, but rarely do they cover the whole range of information we need from our bodies to know how healthy we are. Step in the AIO – the first All In One compression sleeve that tracks your heart’s electrical activity and muscular health.

While most wearables are limited to just the wrist, the AIO goes one step further by collecting information from the entire arm. Designed with thin, breathable polycarbon antimicrobial material, the AIO places a tiny unnoticeable device into the crevice of your arm.

Such an approach, it says here, allows the device to hug the skin and pushes the fabric’s sensors closer to it. This improves the reporting quality of your daily activity. It then connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and feeds the information to you.

The sensors monitor the usual step, distance and sleep events but also provide data on how your body is responding to physical activity – letting you know when to ease off and step up your game. This includes the electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that lets the sleeve measure the heart’s electrical activity. AIO even saves your readings within the app, letting you view the trends over time and giving you a complete picture of your health – letting you know when your heart is being irregular.

And with its in-app calorie counter and music-control system, this a device aimed at athletes and fitness beginners.

Another crowd funded invention, grabbing an AIO sleeve will only cost you £70 at the Kickstarter.