Owlet is a smart sock that transmits your baby's heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, and sleeping position from its ankle to an app on your smartphone.


The Owlet uses a four-sensor pulse oximeter to send completely harmless beams of light through your baby’s skin picking up subtle changes under the surface to accurately track your baby’s vitals and transmit them via Wi-Fi to an app on your phone, giving you peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound.

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All of your baby’s stats are transmitted to the app in real time, so you can check exactly how they’re doing at any moment, whether you’re in the next room or out for dinner with friends and you’ve got a babysitter in. The stats are all saved to the cloud too, so you can access them from any device at any time.

Owlet also has a handy feature called ‘roll-over alerts’, which follows the recommendation by doctors that babies should sleep on their backs. If your baby happens to roll onto its tummy, Owlet will send a notification to your phone to let you know he or she needs turning over.

Owlet’s electronics are all safely tucked inside a water-resistant silicone pocket, that’s designed to be comfortable and removable so you can easily wash the socks.

Buy an Owlet smart sock for £139.99 from Owletcare.co.uk.


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