Your life-long dream to consume cooked batter in the shape of Albert Einstein's face is about to become a reality.

Forget everything your parents ever told you about playing with your food…PancakeBot is the kitchen toy for big kids that encourages culinary shenanigans galore.

Cocojet can 3D print any object…in chocolate

A little like a 3D printer, PancakeBot will bring practically any weird and wonderful design to life. Except instead of sculpting your desired object from a plasticky substance, it uses pancake batter. Now that is a 3D printer we can get on board with.

To get cracking on an edible masterpiece, you can either browse PancakeBot’s community of pancake designs, or use PancakeBot’s own computer software to pen your own on. Whether you’re desperate to chow down on an edible replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or fulfil your life-long ambition to eat Einstein’s face – as long as you can draw it, PancakeBot can make it.

Once your design is ready, you load it onto PancakeBot via an SD card. All you have to do after that is fill the machine’s bottle with pancake batter, hit the start button, and watch your 3D (albeit kind of flat) food art come to life on PancakeBot’s griddle. Check out the magic in action…

Obviously, we’re not just talking about any old kitchen food-whizzer or mixing gizmo here. PancakeBot is a serious feat of food tech, and it’s asking for $299 (about £210) in exchange for a VIP ticket to pancake heaven. If you’ve got the cash to splash, you can grab it here.