The latest Pebble Health app update brings automatic activity logging, smart alarms and better fitness tracking to your existing Pebble wrist kit.

Pebble is gifting its new and existing watch wearers a better fitness tracking experience with a brand new Pebble Health app update.

The fitness logging app, which only launched last December, already offered wrist-based coaching and guzzled data such as steps and sleep cycles, but the new update sees more in-depth stats and better fitness tracking land on your wrist.

One of the most notable new achievements is automatic activity logging, meaning your Pebble can now detect whether you’re walking or running based on your movements. That’s great news for runners who are too preoccupied limbering up for the track to remember to tell their Pebble watch they’re off for a run.

Sleep tracking also gets an overhaul, with more detailed daily sleep and step summaries to help you see if your fitness plan is taking effect. And the pièce de résistance for any sleep-tracking band is Pebble Health’s new smart alarm, which wakes you up during your lightest sleep face when you’re most refreshed and ready for the day.

In general, the Pebble Health experience now offers a more holistic view of your overall health and achievements. The Health section of the app lets you compare your activity and sleep data for the past day, week and month, which is always helpful if you’re keen to keep a close eye on your progress and watch your fitness journey evolve over time.

For iOS users, there’s some extra good news. The update means that Pebbles paired with an iPhone are now equipped to reply to texts. Using the Send Text app, you can now reply with a pre-set response or a voice note – as long as you’re wearing a Time-seres watch. Android users are already privy to this luxury.

To bring your Pebble up to speed, just download the latest version of the app.