This should flummox those cheeky people on the tube who can't help peeking over your shoulder.

Your iPhone and everything on it is your own private property, but that doesn’t stop bored and nosy strangers gorping at your phone screen first chance they get. Thanks to Peek Screen though, your WhatsApp in-jokes and photos of last night’s alcohol-fuelled escapades can be kept safely under wraps.

A protective iPhone screen cover made from transparent tempered glass, Peek Screen shields your screen from the person next to you, while staying perfectly clear and visible to you. With a polarised film layer, Peek Screen gives you around 87 percent screen clarity compared to other screen shields.

According to Peek Screen’s makers, Slow Labs, other screen shields out there can reduce visibility down to 75 percent, so that’s cause for celebration if you’ve already been unsuccessfully testing out methods to keep your screen to yourself.

Peek screen 2As well as keeping your screen safely hidden from prying eyes, Peek Screen also provides an extra layer of protection for that fragile iThing – perfect if you’re prone to dropping it or dropping other things on it. Its eco-friendly hard tempered glass prevent scratches, crack-resistant under pressure, and still manages to stay ultra-responsive to your fingertips.

Thanks to an oleophobic top layer, your grubby mitts won’t make oily smudges on the screen either. And unlike most other screen protectors on the market, Peek Screen uses Optically Clear Adhesive, which relies on gravity to hold it in place. No more annoying air bubbles over your lovely iPhone screen.

Despite its many layers of super-smart screen tech, Peek Screen has managed to stay just 0.3mm thin. It’s also got a featherweight price tag to boot, which sits at $24 (around £18.50). You can pre-order it now from Kickstarter, but you’ll have to wait until January 2017 for shipping.