With a smart watch, a scale, a thermometer, and two different blood pressure monitors, Philips personal health programme will look you well.

It started with a watch, and now it’s a comprehensive health overview. The Philips personal health programme has launched, with a range of products designed to give you the best possible view of your, well, personal health.

Philips personal health

The watch does exactly what you’d expect a health focussed smart watch to do – it monitors your heart rate, sleeping patterns, and general activity, to provide you with personalised guidance on how you can live better.

In addition, Philips have launched a smart scale (available in black or white) which, as well as giving you a weight measurement, analyses your BMI and body fat. As well as that, there are two different blood pressure monitors available – one for your wrist, one for your upper arm.Awair will keep your air pure – and integrate with the rest of your smart home

Each device connects with the Philips personal health app, to analyse how your body is working, and give you tips on how to get it to work better.

Philips are long term experts in health based tech – Philips Healthcare provides professional care equipment to hospitals, everything from pacemakers to CT scanners. It is a natural step to go from helping doctors care for you, to helping you care for yourself.

While the system is designed with less emphasis on aesthetics than most wearables, it gives a much more comprehensive look at your health, and there for a more holistic look at your lifestyle.