A much-needed health tonic to keep your precious iPhone out of the red.

When it comes to external power banks for your floundering phone, chances are you’d happily carry around a baked potato wrapped in tin foil if it meant your phone not dying (especially when it comes to one popular battery-hungry game…*cough*…gotta catch ’em all).

But if you’re a picky so-and-so and it’s aesthetics you’re concerned with, your dream power bank is probably going to be the Philips Power Potion 3000. Disguised as a tiny receptacle for medicine, this keyring-sized little battery booster is packing a 3000mAh battery to nurse your gadgets back to full health on the go.

Philips Power Potion lightningIts integrated lightning cable hidden inside the lid plugs straight into your iPhone to turbo-charge it to full battery (and a little further) fast as you like it, and there’s even a micro USB cable thrown in for all those faithful Androiders who still have no idea what a lightning cable even is.

Of course, there are other gadgets you’ll be able to charge on the fly using those connectors too, like digital cameras, eReaders and even smartwatches.

Philips Power Potion iPhoneWhile your gadgets are drinking in the juice of life, you can push a button to see the battery level via an LED indicator. Not that you’ll have to keep watch, mind. Power Potion 3000 is so small and discreet that you can simply plug it in, then sling it your phone in your pocket or bag to let the charging take place while you’re doing other stuff.

The good news you’re probably hoping for is that the Philips Power Potion 3000 is a nice and cheap solution to powering up while you’re out and about – at least compared to lots of other big name power banks on the market. You can buy it from Argos for just £39.99.