You may not have heard of electronics company Scosche, but its name is about to go down in history as one of the greatest instruments of change in 21st century life. Because today is the day, folks, that our micro USB cables will plug in the right way first time round. Yes, you read that correctly.

Scosche’s earth-shattering invention is called the EZTIP, and it’s a reversible micro USB cable, designed with a symmetrical, reversible connector that will slot into any device’s micro USB port like warm knife through butter whichever way you put it in.

It might only save you a second, but anyone who owns a non-Apple phone and charges it every evening knows the drill – the fumble for the cable, the hopeful jab, the inevitable twist of the wrist. That’s a lot of anyone’s, and they’re all going to want one of these.

It’s not yet confirmed that Scosche have secured a patent on the EZTIP micro USB, so there’s no telling whether they’ve cornered the market, or whether these simple yet genius cables will be popping up everywhere.

Either way, we’re just excited to have another of modern life’s little inconveniences done away with.

The Scosche EZTIP reversible USB cable is coming in October 2015, for a mere $19.99 (£13).