Fairy lights are for life, not just for Christmas.

Is your boring, dimly house in need of some serious pizzazz? Embrace your inner Christmas elf and grab yourself some of these super-magical and twinkly rainbow fairy lights for year-round festive cheer.

Behold the twinkly sparkliness…

Playbulb stringBluetooth connected, waterproof and USB-powered, Playbulb String are LED fairy lights that can turn your house into the ultimate grotto. Or, if used sparingly for the remaining 11 months of the year, a cosy, well-lit wonderland with absolutely no Christmas connotations.

With the Playbulb app on your phone, you can fiddle with all kinds of awe-inspiring settings and modes, like rainbow, flashing, colour-changing and pulsing. There’s also a colour wheel with around 16.8 million RGB colours to choose from. This makes it much easier to customise them for non-Christmassy purposes, like the romantically-lit (yet wholly impractical, possibly deadly…but nonetheless pretty) bath pictured above.

Playbulb String appYou can power Playbulb String the normal way by plugging them into a power socket, but they will also connect to any power supply with a USB port. They come with a 10 metre power adaptor to make it easier to drape them wherever you like.

You can grab a single 5 metre long Playbulb String from the lights’ Kickstarter campaign for just $35 (around £27). The campaign is fully funded and due to ship in November this year, so get set for a white (and yellow, and red, and purple…) Christmas.