Connection issues? Maybe it's time to throw away your router and jump aboard the Plume train.


Ironically, one of the most common problems that modern technology is hell-bent on trying to solve is actually one created by modern technology itself. We’re talking about bad WiFi. Weak signal, intermittent internet and dead spots – it’s what 21st century horror stories are made of.

The current gadget claiming to be the hero du jour is Plume – or should we say, a whole bunch of Plumes. The neat, chrome-finished hexagonal device is designed to plug into a standard power outlet in every room of your house. Its makers recommend 6 Plume ‘Pods’ for the average household. Once your army is in place, you should have the uninterrupted WiFi you’ve been dreaming of. You don’t even need a router.

How does that work? Well, for a start, Plume uses a different channel or band for each hop, which doesn’t interfere with your WiFi speed like your average mesh network. In normal people speak, all you need to know is that multiple hops is bad, and one big leaping hop is good.

Plume Pods 2Plume will also recognise your usage patterns and remember the routine behaviour of other networks in the way of your WiFi, like you neighbour’s epic Friday night Netflix marathons. Plume Pods will continuously tune the network to stop your signal getting interrupted, recognising that a large file vs. streaming video on your 4K TV requires two different kinds of signal strength.

The whole idea with Plume is that it will change to meet your WiFi needs. If you’ve got friends over for dinner, for instance, and they’ve all got a phone in their pocket, Plume will realise that it needs to handle several devices all in the same room, intelligently balancing your bandwidth to deal with the changing capacity.

Plume Pod appAlthough Plume Pods are positioned all over your house, Plume’s intelligence actually lives in the cloud. It comes with an app, where you can access Plume’s inner brain and see stats like how the traffic is divided between all the devices in your house. You can also do things like add guests to your network with just a tap of your finger.

Of course, good WiFi doesn’t just get handed to you on a plate (don’t we know). For the privilege of Plume, you’ll have to cough up $39 per Pod (around £30). A box of 6 Pods will set you back $234 (around £176). You can pre-order Plume Pods here.