Admit it. This isn't just a game to you anymore. You're prepared to do whatever it takes to snag that elusive Snorlax. Grab these awesome gadgets if you're prepared to get serious...

Pokéball USB Phone ChargerPokeball USB phone charger

Baggin’ Bulbasaurs all day does take its toll on one’s phone battery, so kind Etsy seller magicalsuperstore made this Pokéball themed USB charger pack for a swift juice up while you’re on the hunt.

Its 5300 mAh battery can fully charge and revive your phone 2-3 times, and it even has LED indicators to let you know when you’re powered up.

There’s a clasp too, in case you want to strap it onto your belt or backpack and flaunt your superior catching skills.

You can buy it from Etsy for £31.02.

PokédronePokédrone Skeye nano drone

Question: What’s worse the heartache of finding a rare Pokémon lurking somewhere impossible to reach? Answer: Trying to find said Pokémon and getting stuck up a tree. In a graveyard. And having to call the fire brigade to rescue you (we salute you, graveyard lady).

If your enthusiasm for the game is dangerously close to landing you in a sticky situation, you need this Pokédrone. From the makers of the Skeye Nano Drone, it pairs with your phone for flying over water and awkward terrain to swiftly pick up a Picachu from the sky.

You can control it from the ground using a little joystick controller, which also has a handy mount for your phone to let you fling a Pokéball at a second’s notice.

There’s no word on cost or release date yet, but keep an eye on TRNDlabs’ website for news.

Wistiki Bluetooth TrackerWistiki Voila

Forget finding Pokémon – where have all your friends gone? If you keep losing your mates every time a wild Caterpie leads you astray, you need to grab yourself a Wistiki Bluetooth tracker.

You can make it ring from an app on your phone, and if you turn on GPS you can even track its last known location.

There’s also a feature in the app for sharing ownership of the tracker with friends, so if there’s one particular friend who can’t resist nipping off unannounced for a sly battle, you can work together to bring them back.

You can buy Wistiki for €34.90 (around £30).

Electric ScooterElectric Scooter

Yeah yeah…Pokémon Go is giving everyone loads more exercise and it’s really great. But can we stop the Pokéwalking now? We’re tired. Our legs ache. We have no social lives. Wait, is that a Machamp two streets away? RUN!

If you’re looking for a quicker, easier way to swoop in for an important catch, we reckon an electric scooter is the way to go. After all, what could be more apt than a mode of transport from the era of nostalgia in which you fell in love with Pokémon in the first place?

This Razor A5 Lux Scooter is currently on sale on Amazon for £68.99.

Magnetic Shoe LacesMagnetic shoelaces

There’s going to be nothing more devastating than tripping over your loose shoelace mid-battle, or falling flat on your face in front of hoards of tourists at a Pokéstop.

If you’ve got no option but to hunt Pokémon by foot, we recommend snapping on some of these magnetic shoelaces. Perfect for a quick getaway when a rare Pokémon pops up outside your house, and ideal for avoiding all manner of Pokéhunting calamities.

You can buy a pair for around a fiver on Amazon.

Pokémon Dog BandanaPokémon Dog Bandana

If there’s anyone who’s not complaining about all the legwork that comes with Pokémon Go, it’s your dog. And as a kind reward for all his hard work as your Go sidekick, you should definitely reward him with a Pokéball themed bandana.

It’s not a gadget that’s going to help you catch more Pokémon, but look at that proud dog. He knows he’s gonna catch ’em all.

You can buy the bandana handmade on Etsy for £6.95 plus shipping.