Give your loud-mouth smartphone a lesson in keeping it schtum with this handy Android app.

The buzzing, beeping, chiming chorus that sings from our smartphones every hour of every day is a lovely reminder to us and everyone around us that our friends and family can’t bear to be apart from us for even a single second. But sometimes, life just calls for a little silence.

Enter Polite – the silencing Android app that, to put it bluntly, tells everyone in your life to just shut up for a bit. Whether it’s those WhatsApp videos of goats in pyjamas that your mum manages to send every time you’re in a client meeting or the Facebook ping from your best mate when you’re catching up with your boss, Polite automatically stops the rude racket from your phone when you forget to silence it yourself.

Polite’s method is simple yet genius. Basically, it works by identifying keywords in your calendar event titles and silencing your phone when those events take place. The keywords are completely your choice, so you can select words and phrases like ‘meeting’, ‘catch-up’, or even your boss’s name to make sure any future events get the silent treatment.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use your phone’s native calendar, because Polite will interact with whatever calendar you like. If you download the Donation version of the app, you’ll also be able to play around with keywords and events to create multiple rules – or recipes for silence, if you like.

If you still want to keep in touch with your notifications during moments of silence, you can have Polite switch to vibrate instead of silent mode for certain events, and you can also keep things flexible by having Polite activate silent mode, say, ten minutes before an event, then deactivate ten minutes after.

You can download Polite for free from Google Play.