Sick of your sluggish WiFi killing all the fun? Just wait until you experience the super powers of this Portal router...

In a perfect world, the luxury of pure, uninterrupted WiFi would be brimming within every single particle of the air we breathe. Until some smart guy makes that happen, we’re stuck with our less-than-perfect home WiFi and its fickle ways. Or are we? Meet the Portal router…

Designed specifically for crowded urban environments where there’s a giant WiFi tug-of-war afoot, Portal is an intelligent quad-stream WiFi router that wants to provide ultra-fast, reliable, enterprise-grade WiFi without the buffering and the tears.

Portal front

While traditional WiFi routers limit you to two lanes of traffic shared between multiple users, Portal opens your WiFi up to not three, four, or five, but a whopping 6 lanes for free-flowing wireless internet just for you. It promises a gargantuan 300X speed increase on your existing WiFi, providing 3X more spectrum for clean, uncrowded 802.11ac channels. Thanks to its 9 antennas, it’s also a whiz at sending a perfectly clear signal through solid brick walls, which means no more annoying WiFi dead spots.

Of course, such mind-blowing efficiency is wasted if you’re just out to avoid a spot of buffering. At its very finest, Portal is the ultimate gaming router, providing ultra-low latency to keep the shots firing and the game flowing. It’s also a learning router, meaning it will constantly try and make life better for you every second you need it, always sensing activity and environment to avoid network congestion and improve traffic flow in the moment.

Portal is currently raking in funding on Kickstarter, where pre-order prices start at $149 (£103). It’s set for a release date of September this year, and as the campaign has already zoomed comfortably past its funding goal, you can probably expect shipping to go ahead as scheduled.

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