Most things in life go better with cat photos, and this gadget is determined to prove it.

Nobody ever thought the one thing a pregnancy test was missing was cat pictures. Thankfully someone at Pregnancy Pro has had the sheer vision to recognise that everything is better with cats. And if not, there’s cooking tips instead.

Stay with us on this one, there is a weird, possibly quantum logic at work. It goes like this: what the world needs is a pregnancy test that connects to a phone via bluetooth, that fills the three minute existential void between peeing on the stick and receiving the results. Which is where the app comes in. Instead of chewing fingernails, fretting about the future, or phoning the bank, the user gets to look at soothing pictures of cats. And in the unlikely event the individual isn’t 100% into cats, there’s a range of other “content” too, including quizzes on conception and fertility, and cooking tips. That’s what we call range.

Interestingly, according to reports the app, when installed also wants access to your contacts, accounts and calendar so it can potentially email your friends without you knowing and share your data with third parties. But hey, cats!

Available in the US, you can find out more here.

Via Quartz