Twelve hours too long to wait for your cold brew coffee? Try ten minutes.

There was a time when there was just one way to drink coffee. But that time is gone. We’ve moved on from practical filter, to versatile espresso, and now we’re all about the cold brew. Prisma is an all new cold brew system that gets you your morning coffee faster.

Brewing coffee at a lower temperature keeps the bitterness and acidity down, giving you a richer, smoother flavour. But most cold brew systems take twelve hours to get you from grinding your beans to drinking your coffee. Which requires a lot of thinking ahead when you haven’t had your coffee yet.

Created by Firstbuild, Prisma uses a vacuum infusion system to bring the time down from literally half a day, to just ten minutes. With this bad boy, you can make a cold brew in about the same amount of time it takes to use a French press, or wait in line for a latte.


After winning Best Products and People’s Choice awards at the Coffee Fest Dallas, Prisma has launched an Indiegogo campaign, that is currently half way to its funding goal. It’s still a while away from full production – the expected shipping date for pledges is September 2017.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that they become commercially available soon after that – we want one sitting on our bench top.