It would probably be much quicker to list things it can't do...

Amazon Dash is a tiny button that lives in your kitchen and lets you scan food items in your cupboard to add to your Amazon Fresh shopping list. It’s a pretty nifty little convenience to have lurking in the pantry, and is designed so you won’t skip anything important in your big weekly shop.

It’s about to get better though, because Amazon has just unveiled a super-talented version of the Dash that can perform pretty much any sought-after smart home function in a single tap. As well as adding items to your shopping list, the AWS IoT button can control your smart home devices, turn on your smart car, hail you an Uber, and even call one of your favourite contacts – all in just a single tap. It connects to Amazon’s cloud over WiFi.

While it’s exciting, there are a few potential deal breakers. The AWS IoT button runs on a non-replaceable, non-rechargeable battery which will conk out after around 1,000 presses, at which point you’ll have to buy another. That’s kind of a pain given it’s four times more expensive than the original Dash, which was $5 (£3.50). This fella is $20 (£14).

It’s also currently only meant for developers, and its first “limited release” on Amazon yesterday saw all of the new buttons swiped up in a jiffy, leaving it unavailable to the rest of the world until Amazon decides we’re ready. In the meantime, there’s always the forthcoming launch of Amazon Fresh in the UK to get excited about.