Print stickers of your selfies straight to your hand in seconds with this tiny portable printer for your phone.

Slowly step away from Instagram, drop the hashtags where we can see them, and put your phone in the air. Your vast library of photos (#nofilter) is about to be released from its digital prison and immortalised in its rightful form thanks to Prynt.

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With Prynt snapped onto your phone, you can now instantly print physical photos and fun little stickers of all of your favourite moments to share with friends or carry with you everywhere. No, you’ve not woken up in the Nineties. But you have stumbled upon one of the coolest antidotes to social media around.

Prynt clamps onto your phone like a case, and has a compact paper hatch to store up to ten blank stickers or mini sheets of paper. When you press a shutter button on the side of Prynt, it activates your phone’s camera and captures a photo.

You can edit your photos in the Prynt app before you hit print, with the option to add frames, stickers, text, and, of course, filters. When you’re happy with the finished result, Prynt will deliver an awesome photo or sticker straight to your hand in vibrant, long-lasting, smudge-proof Zink ink.

Prynt has one more neat little trick up its sleeve. Every time you take a photo, Prynt embeds a video behind the photo in the app. When you give a photo to a friend with the Prynt app, they’ll be able to scan the picture with their phone and see your hidden video message. Take that, Instagram.

Prynt’s interchangeable adaptor system means it can be used with multiple phones, including the iPhone 6, 6S, 5S, 5C, and Samsung Galaxy S5, and S4. It runs on an internal battery that you charge up with a micro USB cable.

You can order Prynt for $149 (£100) from Each Prynt comes ready with ten sheets of paper and a charging cable, and you can order a pack of 50 sticker refills for just $25 (£17).