Don't just settle for a single scent at home when you can set up and play sequences of lovely smells instead, all via an app


Throw out the lovely candles. Ditch the Fabreze. Stash the joss sticks, man. Vapor Technologies is dragging the gentle world of nice smelling things right into the 21st century, with the launch of Cyrano, a device it describes, slightly sinisterly, as a “digital scent speaker and mood modification platform.”

Cyrano is a gadget that can play, according to Vapor Tech,  sequences of scents they call mood medleys. “Each scent in a mood medley lasts up to a few minutes,” they say, “long enough for the scent to be perceived by the user while short enough to avoid the olfactory fatigue associated with traditional scent technology, such as candles and air fresheners.”

Scents and sensibility

Basically, it’s a programmable scent emitter that connects to your iPhone, enabling the owner to schedule sequences of smells. Battery powered, and initially pre-loaded with 12 scents, it’ll work at home, at work or in a car, and and enable the selection of mood medleys, like “Get Energy,” “Get Relaxed,” or “Get Free” from the oNotes app. Or users can create their own sequences and share them with friends.

David Edwards, Vapor Communications co-founder, said, “the olfactory nerve is the only sensory nerve with direct access to the brain. With Cyrano, we can design our lives with all three dimensions of sensorial control.”

Cyrano is available for pre-ordering online via its website, initially in the US only, and will retail for $149 with replacement cartridges costing $20.