To boldly go where no Bluetooth headset has gone before...

This fully-functioning Star Trek Communicator, available for pre-order right now, is going to get you one big step closer to being a modern-day Captain Kirk.

Brought to you by The Wand Company – also responsible for a replica Doctor Who sonic screwdriver and a real (sort of) magic wand – the Bluetooth-powered speakerphone lets you answer your calls Spok-style with the classic flip action.

Star Trek CommunicatorYou can dial calls using voice activation too – just press and hold a button on the side and give your command. This is definitely the excuse you’ve been waiting for to change your best friend’s name in your phone to Scotty.

Depending on whether you’re on an iPhone or Android device, you can also call in on Siri and Google now for virtual assistance by pressing a button and saying the word.

Star Trek Communicator 2What’s seriously cool is that the Communicator is actually moulded from 3D scans of the last known prop to exist, making it an Enterprise-worthy gadget indeed. It’s made from die-cast zinc, CNC machined aluminium and iridescent coated jewels, and sits in a foam-lined case with a leatherette pouch for safe transportation around the galaxy.

To really make you feel close to your intergalactic idols, the Communicator is preloaded with 20 authentic voice clips and original sound effects that you can trigger at the push of a button. The Communicator runs on a lithium polymer battery, and comes with a wireless charging stand for an appropriately physics-defying juice up.

Star Trek Communicator case


As far as replicas go, the Communicator doesn’t actually carry a wallet-killing price tag. You can pre-order it in the UK from Firebox or Forbidden Planet for £120.