ResetPlug resets your broadband router so you don't have to


Once upon a time, mechanical stuff got reset with a hefty thwack from a spanner. Then PCs came along and a quick ctrl-alt-delete did the job. Then the network came along, and we all got used to flicking the switch on the back of the wifi router.

Some genius has managed to nudge this along to its inevitable internet of things conclusion – say hello to the ResetPlug, a smart plug which detects problems with your router and, er, switches it off and on again, all so you don’t have to. It’ll detect issues like your wifi dropping. and do its business, and it’ll keep on doing it until it – hopefully – restores broadband service to all your connected devices.

And you can customise the plug so it cycles against your own criteria and time periods.

ResetPlug is available for $60 from

Via Yahoo