Just because you're in the middle of nowhere, that doesn't mean you can't have lights and power.

Getting away from it all in the great outdoors remains an excellent way to spend your time, but it’s 2016 and in this day and age that shouldn’t mean giving up on modern conveniences. Revel Gear let’s you get as off the grid as you want, while keeping all the things you just can’t let go of.

In essence, Revel Gear is a simple solar charge pack, combined with an LED lighting system. In practice, it’s your access to phones, maps, speakers, cameras – and whatever else you need powered in order to make your outdoor adventure complete.

Revel Gear

The pocket-sized, fold-out solar pack contains four solar panels and, when fully charged, could power your phone five times over. It includes two USB ports, to keep your gear fully charged as you go. There’s an additional snap-on bracket that lets you hang the panels out as you hike, so waiting for them to charge doesn’t interfere with your fun.

The lighting system spools out to 3 feet of insulated, weather protected LED lights that are available in a few different colours and look – let’s be honest – just incredibly pretty.

Revel Gear

The system has passed its goal on Kickstarter, but is still open for pledges – including high-end pledges that help bring the solar power system to communities with no other access to electricity. It aims to ship in April 2017.