Smart security cameras that sit in one place are so yesterday. Meet Riley, the camera on wheels

Most smart home security systems, like the Piper or Canary, are doomed to sit in a corner, silently tracking and videoing your household’s comings and goings. Riley however does all that and is mobile too.

Riley is a tiny tank-like security robot on tank-like treads, that’s able to patrol your house. Unlike a real robot tank, it won’t destroy intruders. Instead this one will track any intrusions using its HD camera, night vision and motion detecting sensors. And if anything is detected, it’ll send an alert to a smartphone.

And it comes with an extra side-order of automated cuteness, as it enables pet owners to follow their furry friends around and chat to them remotely, should they be at work for example. Although we aren’t sure what man’s best friend will think of their beloved owner’s voice emitting from a miniature robot tank.

Riley in action

Riley is also as kid friendly as you’d hope for in a device that’s loosely modelled on a 60 tonne armoured killing machine, being able to right itself if flipped over and able to take a few hits from the young ones too, thanks to, according to the makers, its durable shell.

Riley is currently accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo until May, and is due to start shipping from June. Final pricing is expected to be $229, in the US at the moment.