With Ring Clock, you will literally have time on your hands (ba-dum-tshhh)...

It’s nice to know what time it is at the drop of a hat, but not everyone is comfortable strapping a watch on their wrist. Thanks to Ring Clock, however, there’s a creative way around the problem.

As its name suggests, Ring Clock is a ring…that is also a clock (or a clock that is also a ring, depending on how philosophical you want to get about it). A surgical stainless steel chunker with a rotating outer ring, Ring Clock displays the time in twinkling LED lights when you give it a twist.

And actually…that’s it. No fancy smartphone-pairing, no vibrating when you get an email or flashing when hit your daily step count goal. Just old Father Time safe and snug on your finger.

To keep Ring Clock ticking away, you’ll have to give it regular charges using its wireless charging pad. One 2-hour charge should give you a week of normal use, which is a pretty decent stint. It’s also water-resistant up to 30 metres, so it’s solid enough to take for a swim.

If you think Ring Clock sounds – wait for it – finger-ticking good (sorry), you can head here to buy it. It’s available in 18 different sizes, comes with either blue or orange LED lights, and is priced at $295 (£205)…We didn’t say wasn’t a catch.