No more losing your mind (and inspiration) when you can't find a power source for your music gear.

If you carry a lot of kit that needs plugging in and switching on, you’ll be all too familiar with fresh hell of tangled cables and power socket shortages when you’re out and about. With this Ripcord USB cable though, you can cut through the hassle to plug ‘n play wherever you are.

The easiest way to put it is that Ripcord lets you power your gear from anywhere where you can charge your phone. That means power sockets, laptops, phones, power banks…basically any static or mobile power source where you can plug in a USB cable. It’s perfect for amps, guitar pedals, synths and, for that matter, any other gear that’s a pest to power on the fly.Ripcord

And you don’t have to plug in just one Ripcord at once. The cable comes with all kinds of tip adaptors, extenders and voltage allowances to make a set-up like this totally doable:

The best bit? Ripcord is made from a braided fabric that won’t tangle or kink, meaning you don’t have to deal with tangled cable anarchy every time you open your kit bag. There’s also a pull strap for keeping the cable extra neat and tidy while you’re carrying it about.

If you’re unsure about whether Ripcord will work with your stuff, you’ll find a lovely long list of what’s compatible over on Ripcord’s Kickstarter page. You can jump in line for a pre-order deal here, with prices starting at €12 (£9). Shipping is fixed for August this year.