This IoT platform gives both you and your insurance company peace of mind that your home is risk-free.

A cloud-based platform called ROC-Connect wants to act as a link between you, your smart home, and your insurance company to reduce the risk of flood, fire, and theft, while cracking down on insurance rates.

The IoT platform is designed to work seamlessly with smart home devices that your insurance company can choose to offer you. It connects those devices to an app on your phone via a single hub, giving both you and your insurance company 24/7 reassurance that your home is safe from disaster.

For example, your insurance company might suggest you equip your home with a leak detector for your boiler, a connected fire alarm, and a smart door lock. With the ROC-Connect hub tethering all of these devices together, you’ll get a notification to your phone straight away if any of those devices issue a warning alert.

This not only gives you peace of mind that your home is safe and sound under lock and key at all times (welcome to the smart home, folks), but it also reassures your insurer that you’re a low-risk customer. That’s hopefully how those new low insurance rates should start to materialise.

The communication works the other way round too. For instance, if there’s severe weather on the horizon, your insurance company could issue tips via the app to help you prepare your home accordingly, or provide you with a checklist for getting your home ready for the Spring.

The only tiny drawback is that it’s actually up to your insurer – not you – to get your home kitted out with the ROC-Connect system. ROC-Connect is billing its service as an opportunity for retailers and manufacturers to become home automation service providers, simply acting as the IoT platform your insurance company needs to develop its own branded line of home automation apps and devices.

Still, it’s yet another indicator that the IoT is slowly but surely creeping into our homes for the better. You can read more about ROC-Connect here.