There's no need to invest in an expensive new smoke alarm when you can just pop this special battery in your old one.

We’re all for shiny new gadgets with sharp IoT brains, but we’re often more impressed when someone figures out a way to make our existing ‘dumb’ home gadgets smart. That’s why we’re excited to meet Roost – a smart battery for your existing smoke alarm that gives it a clever new lease of life.

Roost slots inside your smoke or CO alarm just like any old battery, except it does a whole lot more than simply keep it switched on. By connecting to your smartphone via the WiFi, Roost instantly turns your smoke alarm smart, giving you direct access to all kinds of convenient features that could one day prove to save your skin.

First up is Roost’s smart notification system, which will ping your phone if your alarm ever goes off – wherever you happen to be. This should provide some much-needed peace of mind when you’re away from home and prone to paranoia about your home spontaneously combusting. If you get a notification when it’s just your toast is burning, you can instantly snooze the alarm with a single tap of your phone. Beats flapping a tea-towel at the ceiling like a crazy person any day.

In case of a real emergency, Roost is ready to call for back-up. By setting a list of emergency contacts in the app, you can have Roost issue an alert to friends and family to let them know you’re in danger.

Another massive bonus is Roost’s low battery alert service. When your alarm needs a fresh set of batteries, you’ll get a handy heads-up, giving you plenty of time to pop in a new set before the dreaded chirping starts at 3AM on a Saturday morning. To help you keep on top of your alarm’s health, you can also view a history of Roost’s past alarm sounds and when it was last tested.

The impressive thing after that is Roost’s easy-peasy installation process. Just download the Roost app, connect to your Wifi, and pop Roost in your smoke alarm. After that, you should get around 5 years of smart service from Roost until you need to replace its lithium battery pack.

You can buy Roost for just $34.99 (£25) here – even if you’re in the UK.