Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch is now official, and not only updates the look but adds a slew of new functionality such as a fitness function, activity log, and a nifty new way to navigate.

With a circular face framed by a rotating bezel, it’s not so much a swipe, but more of a gentle twist that’ll have you accessing those notifications in no time. Also for the first time this Samsung Smartwatch will work with all Android phones (or most of them anyway), not just Samsung handsets.

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch’s home and back button mean navigating those apps just became a lot easier.

Speaking of apps, Samsung has partnered with Nike+ Running, Volkswagon, and Yelp to name but a few. So you can track your runs, access features of your connected vehicle, and browse restaurant reviews – all from your wrist. There’s also a Twitter trends app to keep you up to date.

The fitness function measures your pulse, tracks water vs caffeine intake, counts your steps, and monitors your general activity throughout the day. It will send you reminders to meet you fitness goals, and help you set up a fitness schedule.

Samsung is promising a battery life of two to three days, but when it’s time for a power boost, you can just pop the Gear S2 on its fuss-free wireless charging dock.

SamsungS2 chargingThe good news for those who still aren’t sold on wearing a piece of tech on their wrist is that the Gear S2 has the looks as well as the brains. Choose a plain dark grey or white band if you’re after a sleek, modern feel, or go for the Classic version with a genuine leather strap for a more timeless look.

The Gear S2 boasts a 1.2 inch face with 302 pixels per inch, which in plain English means clearer, brighter, better. It’s also 11.4mm slim, so it’s not going to stick out from your wrist.

The Gear S2 functions using Bluetooth paired with your phone, but for those who don’t fancy being tethered to their phone, there’s a 3G version.

There’s no word from Samsung on price, or even a UK release date yet, but keep an eye out at