Roli has launched a follow-up to its reimagined rubber keyboard called the Seaboard Rise, and it’s miniature, versatile, and a lot cheaper.


Like its predecessor, the Seaboard Rise looks a little like a futuristic non-stick grill pan. It’s a black rubber pad with undulating ridges in place of traditional defined piano keys, and instead of only responding to pressure on each “key”, Rise’s entire surface is a touch-sensitive playground that responds to swiping, pinching and all manner of finger-wiggling.

Drag your finger from a single note all the way down the rubber keyboard to take it on what Roli fondly calls a ‘musical journey’, allowing you to modulate the volume and timbre of the note with one finger motion. Swiping your finger along the top or bottom of the keyboard will create a ‘key wave’. It’s not even worth trying to describe one of those – check out the video above to experience its full glory.

Wiggling your finger will produce a vibrato effect, and a swift pinch to either side of a note will let you raise or lower the pitch of the note.

Rise is compatible with most hardware synthesisers, as well as DAWs across OSX, Windows, and other platforms.

Pre-order Rise now for £599 to be shipped on October 9th this year.