Putting water safety at your fingertips, this SwimSafe collar is like a personal lifeguard around your child's neck.

Tracking children using tech isn’t every parent’s cup of tea, but what if that tech could save their life? SEAL SwimSafe is a wearable that wants to help kids stay above water.

With a water-sensing system that triggers lights, sirens and alerts, SEAL SwimSafe sits around your child’s neck to send you an instant heads up if your little one goes underwater for longer than is safe.

The collar link to an app on your phone to get the message to you as soon as possible, and there’s also a hub that sits on the poolside or shore for added security. It flashes lights and sounds an alarm the moment that the collar issues a warning.

Depending on what level your kid is swimming at, there are different modes to toggle what length of water exposure triggers alerts.

SEAL SwimSafe hub

Blue mode will warn you if your child has been under for longer than 20 seconds, Purple mode 45 seconds, and Green mode is designed for non-swimmers and tots who shouldn’t be hitting the water on their own. Green mode is triggered the second the collar gets wet.

You can monitor up to 4 SwimSafe wearers at once from the poolside hub, which also doubles as a handy charging station for each collar.

It remains to be seen whether parents are going to be comfortable with the idea of sticking a collar around their child’s neck, but our bet is that when it comes to water safety, there’s no gadget or gizmo that’s too extreme.

You can buy a single SEAL SwimSafe collar for $139.99 (around £107), but you will need the hub to get it working. You can buy the hub and one collar for $399 (around £304).