OpenROV Trident is an underwater drone that lets you explore the depths of the ocean from your own virtual cockpit on the shore, using a floating Wi-Fi enabled buoy to stream all of its footage to your phone, tablet, or laptop.


With an HD camera, LED lights for exploring the darkest depths, and salt-water safe motors, Trident is the first underwater drone designed for non-professional use, meaning anyone can use one to explore ancient shipwrecks, hunt for buried treasure, or simply go for a virtual deep sea adventure.

A remote control panel lets you steer OpenROV from the shore, with wearable cockpit goggles – still in the prototype stage – that will stream real-time footage of Trident’s adventures. Navigate tight underwater quarters easily with the gaming inspired console, and reach speeds of up to 2 metres per second thanks to the drone’s three thrusters.

The drone sends all its footage back to shore at 100mb per second via a lightweight 25 metre long cord that tethers it to the floating buoy, given that radio waves don’t travel well under water. It’s capable of reaching depths of up to 100 metres, but hardcore ocean explorers will need to buy the longer cord separately.

With a hydrodynamic design and overmoulded rubber armour to withstand impact, Trident is a durable little robot, and is even the perfect size to fit inside your backpack or underneath your aeroplane seat. Its battery promises to keep it swimming for up to three hours too.

Trident has completely smashed its Kickstarter campaign goal with 17 days still left to go, and the cheapest early bird pre-order price is currently $949 (around £622).


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