Samsung has patched its SmartThings platform after researchers managed to remotely break into a smart home.

When a group of researchers at the University of Michigan managed to successfully hack into a Samsung SmartThings operated smart home recently, it was a stark reminder to us all that the perfect IoT home is still a work in progress.

But as with everything in the world of tech, things can only get better, and Samsung responded to the virtual break-in by issuing a cool and calm statement reassuring its customers that the SmartThings platform has upped its security accordingly. Samsung said:

“Over the past several weeks, we have been working with this research team and have already implemented a number of updates to further protect against the potential vulnerabilities disclosed in the report. It is important to note that none of the vulnerabilities described have affected any of our customers thanks to the SmartApp approval processes that we have in place.”

The Samsung SmartThings platform is a hub-based group of smart home gadgets that give a user remote control over aspects of their home via an app on their mobile. The researchers exploited loopholes in the system to virtually pick a smart home lock from afar. The hack also highlighted ‘over-privileged’ apps, which are capable of accessing more operations than they are intended for.