Would your superpower of choice be x-ray vision? With this Daqri smart helmet, it's about to become possible...

The Daqri Smart Helmet is an augmented reality hard hat that lets its wearer magically see inside objects like a Marvel superhero.

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With thermal infrared vision sensors and an Intel Real Sense camera onboard, the helmet peeps inside whatever object you’re looking at, and projects an x-ray image on the safety goggles display in real time.

Here comes the one tiny bit of bad news. Daqri is marketing the Smart Helmet at workers in the construction industry rather than us big kids wanting to play superheroes. The Smart Helmet is primarily designed to help workers see inside stuff like pipes and machinery for quicker problem-solving and mapping of tricky areas. It’s piloting in sites already, with an official launch planned sometime before March 2016.

Still, it’s a very cool bit of kit. As well as having x-ray powers, the helmet can also act as a heat camera, displaying a temperature map on the augmented reality display so that workers can record environmental factors on sites. It’s also capable of taking HD pictures and video with its integrated 13 megapixel camera, and has 360-degree sensors for tracking its wearer’s movement too.

Daqri says its Smart Helmet is the most powerful augmented reality headgear on the market, packing Intel’s 6th Generation M7 processor for super-speedy x-ray scanning. And while we won’t be able to don the Smart Helmet unless we’re getting our hands dirty, we suspect it’s not long at all before we see this kind of x-ray tech leaking into the mainstream.

If it’s any comfort in the meantime, it’s not like any of us mere mortals could afford the Smart Helmet anyway. Daqri plans to sell its x-ray hard hat as part of a bundle, priced at around $5,000 to $15,000 a unit (around £3,500 to £10,000). Visit Daqri.com to find out more.

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