Since their inception, fridges have had one purpose in life – to be a big cold box that keeps our food cold. And they’ve nailed it. Until smart fridges came along, it's never really crossed our minds that they could do much more to make us happy than keep us in supply of chilled wine, cold beer, and fresh fruit and veg.

Enter four of the most awesome smart fridges launching this year that prove the humble fridge hasn’t even come close to reaching its final glorious form.

LG Selfie Fridge
LG RF874SBSS Fridge (aka Selfie Fridge)

Not content with smartening up our appliances with the LG SmartThinQ Sensor, LG has gone and made a fridge that can take a selfie. We’ll call it the Selfie Fridge.

The Selfie Fridge connects to the LG HomeChat smartphone app, and sends you a picture of its contents every time you close the door. In the Dairy aisle and can’t remember if you’ve got milk? Check your last fridge selfie. Or open the app, text “Smart View,” and your fridge will send a new selfie.

It’s also got a touchscreen interface that can also display the pictures, so you don’t have to open the fridge to see what’s in it. You can use the HomeChat app to control variables like temperature remotely.

No word on a price yet, but check for its launch.

Hair Smart Window FridgeHaier Smart Window Fridge

Let’s cut to the point – this fridge gives you x-ray vision.

This new fridge by Haier illuminates when it sees you coming, and gives you the option to turn its glass panel translucent to let you see the contents of your fridge without opening the door.

Add to that its Tri-logic cooling system which stops odours from different compartments mixing together, and a compartment that can be either a fridge or a freezer at your discretion, and you’ve got one cool customer.

It’s also got both high and low humidity zones for preserving different types of food, and it’s sporting a polished stainless steel look.

The Haier Smart Window Fridge will probably retail for around £1499. Keep your eyes peeled at for launch news.

Beko HomeCreamBeko HomeCream

With a built-in ice-cream maker, the Beko HomeCream fridge has sent shivers – of the good kind – up our spines.

The little compartment in the top left of the fridge is equipped to make ice cream in whatever flavour you like.

There’s a touchscreen on the fridge that lets you change the temperature of the ice-cream department, and a removable container for your creations.

No word of any HomeCream smart fridges in the UK shops yet, but check for its launch.

GE Cafe Keurig Coffee Brewing Fridge

GE Café fridge with Keurig K-cup brewing system

Forget chilling your OJ– have your fridge make you a steaming-hot cup of coffee.

Pop a K-cup into the removable dispenser and let your fridge-cum-barista brew the good stuff. Or if you fancy a few extra minutes in bed, use the smartphone app to tell your fridge you fancy a brew.

The whole process takes around four minutes, which is precious sleeping time at 6am.

If it comes in a K-cup, this fridge will make it. You can even get Starbucks coffee pods and enjoy your favourite latte whilst beating the queues.

Available late 2015 from at $3300 (£2157).