Find your zen with the wristband for the soul


First there was the Fitbit, then there was the Archon Smart Touch, and now… meet the Sensmi. The latest smart wristband to launch on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, Sensmi sets out to make a difference to your life not by counting your steps, but by helping you relax and chill out.


How, you ask? By finding out what triggers your stress and practicing stress-relieving exercise. To work, Sensmi links with its corresponding app on your smartphone, measuring your Galvanic Skin Response, or GSR, a natural body response to excitement, stress, or nerves.

The Sensmi monitors GSR using a biosensor, and having collected data, uses an algorithm to provide feedback and advice to help reduce and manage stress. It even provides a graph, showing you when the stress trigger occurred, hopefully so you can avoid such events or situations in the future.

The Sensmi is at work even when you’re asleep – recording your sleeping patterns to tell you how stressed you were prior to hitting the hay and advice on how to improve your sleep quality. The app also recommends breathing exercises and other ways to relax, and handily provides instant feedback as to whether they actually worked. The idea is to help recognize stress points, understand them, and actually do something about it.

The Sensmi is expected to last at least seven days before recharging it, and if the prospects of potentially reducing your stress levels sounds like a good idea (trust us, it is), grab one of the early bird deals on Indiegogo, where the Sensmi is on offer for £91.